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Bob Porter - Soul Jazz 2016Paul Youngquist - Sun Ra 2016
Bob Porter – Soul Jazz: Jazz in the Black Community 1945-1975 (2016); Paul Youngquist – A Pure Solar World: Sun Ra and the Birth of Afrofuturism (2016). Лаконичная фраза из первой книжки, относящаяся к совместным записям Эдди "Локджо" Дэвиса и Джонни Гриффина на Prestige и Jazzland, но вообще подходящая к очень многому: While the music was superb, it failed to find an audience.
Первая книга действительно про соул-джаз?
Пожалуй, что да. Написал её музыкальный продюсер Боб Портер, который работал на Savoy и Atlantic, а также на радиостанции WBGO. Вот здесь её довольно активно до сих пор обсуждают, можно почитать разные мнения:
С учётом её небольшой стоимости на амазоне (электронная версия для Kindle обошлась мне менее чем в 5 долларов), я думаю, её стоит прочесть. Мне особенно понравилась глава о Гранте Грине.
Trevor Barre - Beyond Jazz 2015
Как оказалось, Тревор Барр - двоюродный брат гитариста Jethro Tull Мартина Барра. Уже в самом начале он пишет очень правильные вещи: ...the best way to appreciate and understand Free Music is to hear and see it in the live situation. If this, for whatever reason, is impractical, the next best way is to just listen.

Trevore Barre 2017
UPD: Только что вышло продолжение: Trevor Barre - Convergences, Divergences & Affinities: The Second Wave of Free Improvisation in England, 1973-1979 (2017).

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Jimmy Page biography 2016
Martin J. Power - No Quarter: The Three Lives of Jimmy Page (2016). Подготовился к осени. Книга настолько объёмная, что на весь сентябрь точно хватит.
Richard Witts - Nico 1995
Richard Witts - Nico: The Life & Lies of an Icon (1995). Эта книжка ранее уже упоминалась здесь: Бесконечно печальное чтение. Although 'someone's lost the paperwork' (a favourite Manchester expression, it seems), it has been calculated that Nico performed over 1,200 concerts between 1980 and 1988. Aside from two major LPs released at that time, there were nine recordings of concerts officially made from which she would have accrued royalties, and countless 'bootlegs', fom which she wouldn't. 'In those years,' Alan Wise considered, 'Nico earned at least £12,000 a year from concerts and £8,000 a year from record royalties. That was £20,000 nett, because she never paid taxes!' The trouble was heroin. A £60 a gram, bought hand to mouth a gram a night, her heroin bill alone was £22,000 a year. That figure doesn't include locating the drug dealer, delivery, or disasters. На последней пластинке Нико Camera Obscura (Beggars Banquet, 1985) - возможно, самая лучшая и самая правильная версия My Funny Valentine из всех, что доводилось слышать. Соло на флюгельгорне - тот самый Иэн Карр, легенда британской музыки и автор одной из лучших биографий Майлза Дэвиса.

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Janet Coleman & Al Young - Mingus / Mingus: Two Memoirs (Creative Art Books Company, Berkeley, 1989).

На обложке - автограф одного из авторов для неведомой Марии.
Mingus Mingus
[Mingus]… pulled out several reams of manuscript. Judy (his fourth wife) had been typing it. It was… named either Half Yaller Nigger or Half Yaller Schitt-Colored Nigger, he hadn’t decided which yet, though he was pretty sure no white man would let him use any of those words in print. And so he had a safety title too, Beneath the Underdog, the social situation in America, he explained, of a half-yaller schitt-colored nigger.

My friend and I read the manuscript into the night. We were amazed. It was a jumble, a torrent, it was like James Joyce, jazzy Joyce, and it was terrific. It had puns and wordplay, and a schizophrenic narrator, Baby A and Baby B.

In the square world I worked in, publishing, the Mingus manuscript was something of a special curio of jewel. McGraw-Hill had it under option for quite a while, and there was a succession of ambitious male editors. Some of them were black. Whenever there was a possibility for publication, Mingus seemed to balk. Jason Epstein, the big kingpin at Random House, was interested in the manuscript until he heard a few of Mingus’s conditions: a white binding with gold letters, a book that could be mistaken for the Bible. Well, fuck him, Jason Epstein said. It is hard to estimate how many people finally worked on the copy, hacks and strangers, people who appealed to the author (and his various editors) because they could spell. I saw it once again in 1965 or 1966, and even then, before it reached its last editor, Nel King, it had been altered, whitened up beyond repair.

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Ricky Riccardi Hardcover 2012Ricky Riccardi Paperback 2012
Два варианта обложки книги Рики Риккарди What a Wonderful World: The Magic of Louis Armstrong's Later Years (2011). Происхождение первого варианта пока неизвестно. Вариант номер два был использован для первых изданий в твёрдой (2011) и мягкой (2012) обложках.

Armstrong had been smoking marijuana almost daily since 1920s... and continued to smoke it until near the end of his life. 'I don't intend to ever stop smoking it, nor as long as it grows. And there is no one on this earth that can ever stop it all from growing. No one but Jesus - and he wouldn't dare. Because he feels the same way that I do about it.'

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Julian Marshall, Sian AbbotVal Wilmer - My Life in the Jazz World
Val Wilmer - Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This: My Life In The Jazz World (1991). Val Wilmer is an internationally acknowledged writer and photographer – a woman with great stories to tell. The book is her no-holds-barred autobiography. She brings vividly to life her encounters with the known and unknown artists who created new forms of music as a means of recording black people's history. Her journeys to Africa, Harlem and rural Mississippi, recalled here, were part of her quest to establish herself as a professional jazz commentator. Val Wilmer was a woman – a lesbian – in an all-male world. Her experience of growing up in 1950s Britain, and recollections of the early years of the women's movement, have added to her unusual perspective on jazz and other music.

Val Wilmer-Wire Salon London Oto July 2017
В Москву из Лондона летит копия книжки, подписанная уважаемым автором во время встречи читателями в Café Oto 16 июля 2017 в рамках традиционного салона журнала The Wire. Val has been reporting on black music and the musicians who make it in the US and the UK since the early 1960s – the list of musicians she has interviewed and photographed over the years reads like a roll call of the most influential figures in jazz, blues and R&B: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Howling Wolf, Aretha Franklin, Fela Kuti and many more.

P.S. Книжка добралась до Москвы всего за 95 дней:-) Если не считать старую историю с книгой о Soft Machine, то это рекорд.

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Krin Gabbard - Better Git It in Your Soul 2016
Krin Gabbard - Better Git It in Your Soul: An Interpretive Biography of Charles Mingus (2016)

StreetcarNamedDesireReading Tennessee
Blanche DuBois in Tennessee Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire (1947): I don't want realism. I want magic! Yes, yes, magic. I try to give that to people. I do misrepresemt things. I don't tell thruths. I tell waht ought to be the truth.

Colin Harper – Echoes From Then: Glimpses of John McLaughlin 1959-1975 (2017).
Audio Culture 2018
Audio Culture: Readings in Modern Music (Bloomsbury, 2018). Расширенное и дополненное издание под редакцией Кристофа Кокса и Дэниэла Уорнера. Настольная книга нынешней холодной и снежной весны.

In late 1977 I was waiting for a plane in Cologne airport. It was early on a sunny, clear morning, the place was nearly empty, and the space of the building (designed, I believe, by the father of one of the founders of Kraftwerk) was very attractive. I started to wonder what kind of music would sound good in a building like that. I thought, "It has to be interruptible (because there'll be announcements), it has to work outside the frequencies at which people speak, and at different speeds from speech patterns (so as not to confuse communication), and it has to be able to accommodate all the noises that airports produce. And, most importantly for me, it has to have something to do with where you are and what you're there for - flying, floating and, secretly, flirting with death." I thought, "I want to make a kind of music that prepares you for dying - that doesn't get all bright and cheerful and pretend you're not a little apprehensive, but which makes you say to yourself, 'Actually, it's not that big a deal if I die.'" Thus was born the first ambient record - Music for Airports. (Brian Eno)

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Practical Magic: fuck them all
… a William Burroughs story about a man who ventures in to the rainforest in search of a tribal ritual with extraordinary powers of spiritual transformation. When he reaches the jungle clearing and meets the witch doctor, he discovers that the experience involves ‘fucking the sacred crocodile’. Joe Boyd – White Bicycles (2006).

Этот фрагмент из книжки Бойда сразу же напомнил байку, пересказанную Джоном Шведом в биографии Майлза Дэвиса:

Word got around that Miles needed a new pianist, and George Russell recommended Bill Evans, whom Russell had worked with on a number of projects. Among jazz musicians, Evans was something else, and nothing like the stereotype: he was quiet, like Coltrane; he read philosophy, studied Zen and Japanese art, was eloquent on subjects like the poetry of Willam Blake; and now he was, white in a black band... the black band most would have said. When Evans first joined them, Miles told him (in order "to see what he could do") that to keep his job, he would have to "fuck the band." Evans considered the meaning of this proposal for a few minutes, Davis said, and then told him that as much as he'd like to make everyone happy, he couldn't get behind that. It was classic Miles, of course, and whether it ever happened or not, this anecdote has been seen by some to bear considerable weight in understanding Davis' wicked sense of humor. John Szwed - So What: The Life of Miles Davis (2001)

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